diVa Vaginal Therapy

Innovative laser option for women's health

Childbirth, menopause, and aging can cause changes to vaginal tissue. The incidence of vaginal dryness ranges from 4% in early premenopausal women to 47% in late postmenopausal.  Rates of sexual dysfunction range from 30% to well over 60%. At VOX, we offer a revolutionary treatment designed to improve vaginal health. 

diVa laser vaginal therapy is a quick, in-office laser procedure that requires no sedation, no surgery and no downtime. In addition to treating vaginal dryness, decreased sensation and mild stress incontinence, diVa can also improve self-esteem and quality of life for many women by improving sexual function.

It is a well tolerated 3-5 minute procedure. Patients will experience a slight pressure sensation. Topical anesthetic is used to ensure comfort.

Patients may return to their daily routine with minimal discharge, spotting, or discomfort: however depending on your customized treatment, your practitioner may recommend a personalized post treatment regimen and include avoiding sexual intercourse or tampon use for a longer period of time.

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Results and patient experience may vary.  As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the procedure is right for you.